Did you know that the American Neurologic Association states that only 3-4 headaches a year are considered “normal“, and that any more than this should be evaluated?
Headaches are common but not Normal (according to the World Health Organization) 2/3 of adult males and over 80% of adult females suffer from Headaches. Headaches tend to decrease productivity at work and can affect professional and personal relationships. 
Adults are not alone; Headaches can and do frequently affect school age children and teens as well, potentially leading to difficulty with school work and a drop in grades. Even mild Headaches affect attention span and cognitive behavior. Many people consider headaches to be a pretty minor condition that doesn’t necessarily need the attention of a healthcare professional. Often, they are inclined to take some sort of pain killer and call it a day. What they don’t understand is that, while the pain killer may take care of the pain at that time, it does nothing to address the actual cause of the headaches. Living with headaches can seriously diminish your quality of life and may be an indication of more serious health problems and should not be taken lightly. 

What could be causing my headache?

The causes of headaches are unique to each individual and can be the result of many factors. Headaches can also be a warning sign of something more serious and should be diagnosed and treated by a doctor, prompt diagnosis and treatment is recommended.

How can we help?

The Chiropractic Doctors at Stubbendieck Chiropractic and Rehabilitation Centers are knowledgeable, trained, and effective at diagnosing the type of Headache, the cause, and providing proper care to manage and relieve headaches.  By concentrating on the cause of the headaches, chiropractic care provides a more effective and healthier alternative to drug treatments.  Treatment does vary depending on the type and frequency of the headaches and is modified according to the specific needs of each patient. Our doctors will work to provide relief and more importantly will seek to address the cause of your headaches to prevent future episodes of headache pain.